Shipping and Receiving Rover 1st Shift

Posted: 12/29/2020
Location: North Liberty, IA
The Shipping and Receiving Rover position plays an important role in the achievement of Centro's strategic plan stretch goals and quality objectives. We rely on the S&R Rover to have the right components and products in the right place at the right time. The accurate and reliable identification and movement of materials throughout the facility is necessary in order to produce quality products. Without the S&R Rover’s contributions, our ability to produce and ship only quality product is greatly compromised.

Requires knowledge of shipping, packaging and receiving procedures. Use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers, including decimals and fractions, check of reports, forms, records and comparable data, where interpretation is required. This position has specific competencies that must be achieved in order to become and remain qualified.

Starting pay is $17.20/hr.

Check out the other areas of our website to learn more about Centro and the exciting things that are happening with our business. A pre-employment physical exam and drug screen in required. Centro Inc. Is An Equal Opportunity Employer.

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