Rotomolded Anionic Polymerization (RAP)

At Centro, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify and fulfill unmet needs in the marketplace.

Nylon 6 products have been around for a long time, but the standard raw materials used to produce them are quite expensive. After determining that a major market need for a lower cost form of Nylon 6 wasn’t being met, Centro was the first rotational molder to bring the RAP process to North America.

RAP Process

RAP, commonly called the Liquid Nylon 6 process, combines lower cost raw materials with a faster production process to create a more cost effective Nylon 6 part. Raw materials are combined in the mold and a chemical reaction creates the Nylon 6. RAP is often the best choice for hydraulic tanks because it allows for many design features not available with the dry powder form of Nylon 6 for rotational molding.

RAP Features


  • Baffle walls 
  • Large metal fittings and inserts 
  • Sharp corners
Combine increased cost effectiveness with greater design flexibility and the result is another market first for Centro.

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