Safety Coordinator

Posted: 1/5/2022
Location: Claremont, NC

Job Summary

Promotes a “Safety First” culture throughout the business unit. Oversees and assists with aggressive and thorough corrective and preventive actions for safety related injuries and illnesses. Completes action plans to support assigned safety initiatives and participates in the ongoing facilitation, documentation, and coordination of Centro's Safety System. Coordinates the
implementation of business unit safety training and performs training where appropriate. Manages costs associated with safety including cost of safety incidences. Understands and interprets OSHA’s regulations as they apply to Centro and ensures our systems and practices are in compliance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential duties and responsibilities include the following.
1. Assures safety strategies and action plans are being implemented in the business unit
according to established targets.
2. Leads efforts to promote Centro’s Safety System by ensuring we are OSHA compliant and
developing training materials and facilitating safety training.
3. Leads incident investigation using reenactments and root cause analysis to determine
corrective action.
4. Leads an effective safety team endorsing corrective and preventive safety measures. Helps
the safety team create and achieve goals through action plans.
5. Performs regular safety assessments on work areas to identify and address any potentially
hazardous condition.
6. Performs weekly Safety Review of Existing Products to proactively identify any potentially
unsafe process in finishing our customer’s product.
7. Identifies, communicates, and implements best practices in safety approaches.
8. Communicates regular Safety Topics to be used in team and departmental meetings.
9. Provides information to be used for sharing through the Centro Intranet site. (i.e., Best
Practices, Mistake Proofing Techniques, Types of Incidents and effective RCA’s and
Corrective Actions implemented).
10. Assists with incident management by ensuring all incidents are documented as a
Recordable, Near Miss, First Aid, Property Damage, etc.
11. Reports all incidents to Corporate Safety Leader and helps determine the status for the
OSHA 300 Log.
12. Review’s business unit incident reports and assures that appropriate root cause analysis and
corrective action has been determined and implemented. Ensures mistake proofing has
been implemented whenever appropriate. Evaluates effectiveness of corrective actions after
implementation is complete.
13. Stays abreast of OSHA regulations and their impact on Centro. Regularly reviews Centro’s
safety practices to assure compliance. Serves as a Centro representative to OSHA when
needed and provides any information and/or documentation requests made by OSHA. Stays
abreast of current trends and legal issues regarding occupational safety and health. Makes
recommendations and develops proposals for safety compliance with Centro safety policies
and procedures.
14. When requested, participates in Safety planning of new products and processes through
critical product reviews, fixture design consensus meetings, and/or other forums.
15. Provides safety related information to customers upon request
16. Works closely with the Corporate Safety Leader to administer Centro’s worker’s
compensation program by overseeing and managing each worker’s compensation case to
minimize impact and reduce costs.
17. Supports an aggressive early return-to-work program. Creates an alliance with case
representatives and local health care providers to minimize lost workdays and restricted
work activity.
18. Assists in developing the safety budget and oversees cost management for safety supplies
and safety-related items.
19. Pursues continuous improvement, personal development, and continuous learning.
20. Recruits and selects members for the business unit safety team.
21. Provides mentoring and coaching in regard to safety to Leaders and safety team members.
22. Performs other duties as assigned.
23. Continuously audits the facility on safety related areas on a daily, weekly, monthly, and
quarterly basis

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Bachelor’s degree in business or liberal arts, or equivalent education and work experience
2. Knowledge and abilities relating to occupational safety and health.
3. Substantial ability to communicate effectively in both written mediums and oral
4. Strong organizational, interpersonal, and analytical skills. Detail and task completion
5. Substantial understanding of Centro’s business philosophy and values; manufacturing,
operations; employment policies, procedures and relevant occupational safety issues, and
worker’s compensation claims, policies, and procedures.
6. Ability to use computer and word processing, database, and spreadsheet software and
common equipment effectively.
7. Commitment to continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, quality, teamwork, and

Work Environment and Schedule

Normal work schedule is 8:00 AM to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, however may need to
change hours occasionally to accommodate second and third shift. Will be expected to commit
sufficient time to accomplish position responsibilities in a timely manner. Limited travel may be

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