Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Posted: 9/9/2022
Location: Claremont, NC

Job Summary:
Receives various materials, including raw material, purchased stock and returned goods, verifying count, operating lift truck and maintaining records. Coordinates shipment of finished goods, arranges for truck and assures proper labeling and order counts and loading to ensure correct and safe delivery.

Prepares orders for physical shipment enduring proper counts, labeling, packaging and the administration of paperwork. Assures that proper shipping practices and requirements are followed.

Receives and checks in all new material, purchased stock and returned goods, verifying inventory count, operating and routine maintenance check on lift truck and maintaining records.
Individuals performing the above duties will be responsible for their own functions and will cross train
in the other area. Also, the incumbents will assist one another as time permits.

II. Relevance and Importance of this Position at Centro, Inc.
The Shipping and Receiving Clerk position plays an important role in the achievement of Centro's strategic plan stretch goals and quality objectives. The accurate and reliable identification and
movement of materials throughout the facility is necessary in order to produce quality products. We rely on the Shipping and Receiving Clerk and Material Handler to have the right components and products in the right place at the right time. Without the Shipping and Receiving Clerk's and Material Handler's reliable and accurate performance in this area, our ability to produce and ship only quality product is greatly compromised. Centro and Centro's customers rely heavily on the conscientious
efforts of the Shipping and Receiving Clerk and Material Handler in loading the right product on the right truck and ensuring the accuracy of each bill of lading. The accuracy of every container on every load is critical. Our performance in this area affects our quality and delivery performance as well as the customers overall perception of Centro. The organization of WIP and Finished Product as well as accessory components and other materials and equipment provides the environment for exceptional
performance and creates a positive impression of Centro as a quality organization in which to conduct business. The Shipping and Receiving Clerk provides valuable leadership in working with Material Handlers to ensure our internal and external customers receive exceptional service.

III. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

Requires knowledge of shipping, packaging and receiving procedures. Use of addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division of numbers, including decimals and fractions, check of reports, forms, records and comparable data, where interpretation is required. This position has specific
competencies that must be achieved in order to become and remain qualified. These competencies and associated training are identified in Centro’s quality system.

Work Schedule
Workdays are Monday through Friday, 7am - 3pm  with overtime and weekend work required depending on
production schedules problems, etc. Work can vary depending on customer requirements.

Starting rate of pay is $19.45

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