Manufacturing Associates - Weekend Schedule

Posted: 1/18/2023
Location: Claremont, NC

·        Saturday and Sunday Schedule – 12-hour shifts:

Shift A: 7am-7pm / Rate is $21.00 Paid @ time and a half

Shift B: 7pm-7am / Rate is $21.00 paid @ time and a half



·        Standard work schedule earns 90-94% of traditional full-time Associate while working 40% fewer hours

·        Increased earning potential with fewer hours required

·        More time for hobbies

·        Ability to attend school (advanced education) and work concurrently

·        Ability to reduce or eliminate need for daycare during the week

·        More time for your child’s school events

·        Easier to schedule appointments

·        Run errands without crowd

·        Longer shifts equals less personal cost and commute time

·        More responsibility and pay opportunity

·        Less supervision and increased team environment

·        Paid Time Off available for all Associates

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