Our Processes

Stable, tested and repeatable processes are the key to manufacturing success and excellence.

Quality and Delivery Excellence

Where good processes are in place, quality and delivery excellence naturally follows. In our quest to be the best, Centro has established state-of-the-art processes in all areas of our business to insure that you are receiving the very best product possible.

Rotational molding has existed for many years. However, because it’s a small segment of the plastics industry the level of process study and development has lagged behind other plastics processes. Many molders rely on tribal knowledge to produce parts.


At Centro, we refuse to follow that path. Centro has invested heavily in process control and development and our process knowledge is based on scientific methods, the use of advanced technologies and our own research and development.

The product of our efforts is a robust, documented and controlled rotational molding process yielding consistent products that meet your specifications.

Our data driven, scientific process focused methodologies are developed specifically for the process of rotational molding. These processes are an integral part of our comprehensive approach to business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Highly evolved Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our systems effectively manage customer expectations by tying in forecasts and requirements.

Being the best starts with hiring and retaining the best available knowledge. Our recruiting and selection criteria include stringent background checks and pre-qualification of skills. Job training and continuous education are emphasized.

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