Fuel & Hydraulic Tanks

Fuel Tanks

Each year, we manufacture more than 100,000 fuel tanks from over 300 different customer designs ranging from one-gallon tanks to greater than 200 gallons.  Our unique and proprietary processes will help you address all of the critical characteristics that each fuel tank must have. Our design and engineering expertise will help you maximize capacity with even the most complex designs.

Fuel tanks play a critical role in the performance of equipment. Everything must be accomplished flawlessly; free of leaks and contamination that could affect engine performance. You should expect fuel tanks to be of the highest quality from a supplier you can trust. In selecting the right manufacturer for your fuel tanks, you should consider the following:
  • Years of experience in producing quality rotationally molded tanks 
  • Custom capabilities 
  • Engineering strength for design and material guidance 
  • Quality reputation 
  • Capable of molding in threads, outlets, inserts and graphics 
  • Design for manufacturability and durable tooling 
  • Compliance with government regulations

Hydraulic Tanks

Hydraulic tanks provide a number of challenges that require the correct process and the correct material to produce a tank that is durable yet light-weight and cost-effective. Rotational molding is the ideal process for manufacturing hydraulic tanks because it offers the following advantages:
  • Design freedom that maximizes capacity 
  • Low-cost tooling 
  • Uniform wall thickness - thickness actually built into corners, where it's often needed the most 
  • Seamless and leak-free 
  • Clean with no rust, corrosion, contaminants 
  • Light-weight 
  • Resistant to denting and cracking 
  • Capable of molding in threads, outlets and inserts 
  • Paintability and post-mold decorating
Centro extensively tests all of our materials including Nylon 6 (powder and liquid), Nylon 11, Nylon 12, XLPE and XLPE/Nylon 11. We know the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each material and can help you select the right polymer for your next hydraulic tank application.

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