Centro Firsts

Industry leadership is a by-product of calculated risk taking for the advancement of the process. Centro owes its reputation within the Custom Rotational Molding Industry to the many “Firsts” that can be found throughout our history.

Exceeding Expectations

  • 1970’s: The first rotationally molded fuel tanks for snowmobiles.
  • 1970’s: Successfully converted an OEM customers’ entire line of metal water tanks to plastic.
  • 1980’s: Conversion of construction tractor cab cover and cab ductwork from metal to plastic.
  • 1990’s: Conversion of points and decks on combine head from metal to plastic.
  • 2000’s: The first North American rotational molder to install the Rotomolded Anionic Polymerization process (RAP) for creating Nylon 6 during the molding process.
  • 2000’s: Conversion of utility vehicle cargo beds from metal to plastic.
  • 2000’s: Utilized the in-mold polyethylene foam process to create separate compartments within an individual rotomolded cab roof for HVAC use.
  • 2000’s: The first rotationally molded material solution (RotoLoPerm®) to recieve both CARB and EPA evaporative emissions conformance certificates.

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