EPA/CARB Compliant Fuel Tanks (RotoLoPerm®)

Centro leads the industry in the development of innovative process solutions and cost effective material selections for rotational molding.
As a recent example, Centro invented RotoLoPerm®, a patented product to address recent environmental regulations.

Centro’s innovation was recognized when the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified RotoLoPerm® for use in fuel tanks to meet regulations for reduced evaporative emissions. 

RotoLoPerm® Components

  • RotoLoPerm® is a proprietary, patented (U.S. Pat No 8,597,747) solution developed by Centro specifically for fuel tanks to comply with the regulatory fuel permeation requirements. 
  • RotoLoPerm® is a multi-layer solution that combines the reliability and performance of cross-linked polyethylene with a barrier layer for control of hydrocarbon (VOC) emission.
  • RotoLoPerm® performed exceptionally well under the stringent permeation testing using CE10 fuel. The measured permeation rate of RotoLoPerm® was significantly lower than the EPA’s allowable limit of 2.5g/m²/day when tested at 40° C.


RotoLoPerm® Advantages

  • CARB and EPA certified material for use in fuel tanks to meet evaporative emission requirements.
  • Utilizes the long & proven history of cross-linked polyethylene.
  • Outstanding low-temperature impact strength!
  • Excellent UV and abrasion resistance.
  • Utilizes the design flexibility of rotational molding.
  • Existing tooling can be utilized with minor adjustments.
  • Cost effective!
RotoLoPerm® is fully CARB and EPA approved for immediate use with no additional testing!

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