CENTRO and INCA Join Forces on Marine Fuel Tank Permeation Rules

April 13, 2010

April 14, 2010 - Two pioneers of the rotational molding industry, Centro, Inc and INCA Molded Products, have come together to deliver the most robust, plastic fuel tank available to the marine industry. Using Centro's patent pending RotoLoPerm technology and INCA's storied history of manufacturing fuel tank solutions for the marine industry, the two companies have entered into a licensing partnership effective immediately.

RotoLoPerm is multi-layer tank technology developed by Centro in 2004. This technology is approved for low evaporative emissions regulations by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Under the agreement INCA will manufacture RotoLoPerm® fuel tanks to serve the entire marine fuel tank market. For marine fuel tanks, mandatory CARB/EPA evaporative emission regulation compliance begins Model Year 2012.

"Of all the solutions we have tried, tested and evaluated, RotoLoPerm® is by far the superior solution for rotationally molded fuel tanks." stated Robert Porter, President of INCA Molded Products.

INCA was the first rotational molder to convert metallic fuel tanks for boats in the 1970s using cross-link polyethylene. "The beauty of RotoLoPerm® technology is that it capitalizes on 30 plus years of field trials utilizing crosslink polyethylene. This is the only solution that has the history of crosslink field performance." continued Mr. Porter.

"We enthusiastically welcome Inca as an authorized producer of the most durable, tested and approved EPA and CARB solution in the rotational molding industry" said Brian Olesen, President and CEO of Centro, Inc. "When we looked for potential partners in key industries, one company rose quickly to the surface. INCA has the history, reputation and knowledge in the marine fuel tank market. INCA is a natural choice for us."

Centro developed RotoLoPerm®, patent pending technology, to achieve ultra-low permeation levels. With the inner and outer layers manufactured from cross link polyethylene, this technology not only provides superior barrier properties but also provides excellent low temperature impact properties, abrasion resistance, moldability and the overall value of standard crosslink polyethylene fuel tanks. RotoLoPerm has received CARB's Executive Order and EPA's Certificate of Conformance.

If you are interested in learning more about RotoLoPerm® fuel tanks or have questions about this press release, please contact Mr. Robert Porter at (615) 350-7290 or at rporter@incaproducts.com.

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