Centro Way

Founder Dick Rozek demonstrating the durability of rotational molding.
The Centro Way defines how we insist on strong relationships and value our Associates, customers, vendors, suppliers and the community. Our culture and business philosophy are deeply rooted in Centro's humble beginnings.


Our founder, Dick Rozek, started the company with a limited budget and persevered through many personal challenges and hardships. Dick's vision of a successful rotational molding company, determination to overcome challenges and his positive influence in all aspects were highly regarded by his family, employees and business partners. Dick's influence remains paramount in Centro's business philosophy today.


Today, our values and beliefs are described by our mission to "Be The Best Rotational Molding Company in the World". We are focused on long-term partnering relationships with our customers through the delivery of the best value possible from initial concept to final product. We understand that delivering quality products on time is a prerequisite for doing business with our customers and we deliver on that every day. We also excel beyond the fundamentals by understanding what's most important to you and finding a way to make it happen.

Exceeding Expectations

At Centro, we believe it is important to maintain the unique small company atmosphere while offering the benefits and advantages of a larger company to our associates and business partners. Whether it is reaching for new innovations, expanding our geographic locations, improving our information systems technology, finding ways to reduce costs or any number of new ways to work together, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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