Our Values

Living and following Centro's values are the expectations of all Centro Associates


Do Our Best... and Always With Integrity

Customers and Associates recognize Centro as a special place to work where we reach beyond "good enough" and work to meet or exceed our commitments. Every Centro Associate is a valuable part of a winning team, committed to following the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

Take Care of Customers

Centro's defining characteristic is our dedicated focus on satisfying our customers. We continue to grow our business and deepen our customer relationships by customizing our business to meet the continually expanding rotational molding needs of our customers. Every interaction is an opportunity to show that Centro is a special company and a worthy business partner.


Value associates

Everyone at Centro does their part to make Centro a great place to work by promoting enjoyment and happiness at work and contributing to a culture based on concern, respect and caring attitudes. Associates are empowered to initiate changes and improvements and to call timeout when necessary. This is essential for our continuous improvement, thus Associates who exercise empowerment and go above and beyond are recognized and rewarded.


Keep Getting Better

We fimly believe that anything can be improved and everything must be. Following established processes is important to provide quality products and services to our customers. Implementing accountability and encouraging performance at the highest level serves our partners well. We are committed to a manufacturing operating system that provides outstanding results for Centro and our business partners

Seek Win-Win

Every interaction is approached from the standpoint of "How can all parties accomplish their objectives"? Only when Win-Win is accomplished is there long-term sustainable value in a transaction.

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