Roto-molding morphs into world impact for Centro

June 15, 2015
Photo: Dick Hakes / Special to the Press-Citizen
Photo: Dick Hakes / Special to the Press-Citizen

Brian Olesen is trying to explain rotational molding to me as we sit in his spacious, multiwindowed president/CEO office at Centro Incorporated in North Liberty.

At one point he jumps up from his chair, snags a paper coffee cup from the corner, fills it part way with powdered Nestle Coffee-mate, closes off the end with his palm and rotates the cup in front of me between his hands.

I pay attention, because understanding this process of rotational molding to create the multitude of plastic parts Centro manufactures is the key to understanding what this company does and how it morphed into a multinational firm with $120 million in annual sales.

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